Holy Cookies

Two hours before Shabbat on a Friday afternoon, I got a knock at the door.

I opened it to a gaggle of little girls.   They were handing out wrapped cookies in memory of Gil-ad Shar, one of the 3 teen-aged boys who was kidnapped a few years ago from Gush Etzion and brutally murdered. The note attached to the cookies reads (I’ll translate from the Hebrew) :

This celebrates the birthday month of Gil-Ad Shar hy’d. He especially loved to bake chocolate chip cookies and loved everyone. In his memory, and for the renewed unity of the people of Israel, we, the youth from Bnei Akiva, have united to increase unity of our village, we are distributing these cookies to all the families here. You are invited to join in and pay it forward as well! Bon appetit! With God’s help, that we may always join together to increase love and unity over the entire Israel and her people.

. . . Because we are a Nation that looks to the future, and always, always celebrates and chooses LIFE . . .  and we are so humbled and honored to be part of it.

Shabbat shalom from Israel, everyone.


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