Chanuka Lights

One thing I had to take care of was buying a chanukiya (menorah).  Before we left America I gave most of our precious valuables to our children.  One of those was a family heirloom, a silver menorah handed down from my husband’s parents.  My in-laws, who were Holocaust survivors, bought some sterling silver flatware on the black market after the War, and a fellow survivor who was both a rabbi and a jeweler was commissioned to melt down the silver spoons and create a chanukiyah.  It is a work of art and we were very proud to use it for 39 years of our marriage.  I suppose we could have waited until we were no longer part of this world to bequeath it to our oldest son (who will in turn, someday, give it to his oldest son), but we felt it was time to pass the baton and we wanted the nachas of knowing it was being used by the third generation.

I looked for a chanukiya in Jerusalem but didn’t really find anything that appealed to me.  That left me with only one solution:  I would have to make it myself.  I’ve been taking a mosaics workshop and thought I could figure out something.

I actually made two chanukiyot:  one from glass tea light holders I bought at IKEA, and another I made from empty Tuborg brand beer bottles (which are a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue) and and a bottle of wine (it was really fun emptying the bottles for the sake of art 😉 ). I created mirrored mosaic tile trays to put them on which further reflected the light.  Here are the results:

IKEA hack:

Tuborg blue beer bottles and wine bottle:

Truman gets into the Chanukah spirit: